Jameson 12yo Triple Distilled

Jameson 12yo Triple DistilledJameson was first introduced to me by my father, and has always been a constant member of our whisky family at home. Hailing from Ireland it was a whiskey…

Jameson was first introduced to me by my father, and has always been a constant member of our whisky family at home. Hailing from Ireland it was a whiskey I never truly understood or knew much about, mainly due to my love of single malt whisky and this being a blended whiskey. After much contemplation I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t truly become a whisky aficionado by limiting myself to only single malt Scottish whisky, so with that in mind, I grabbed a glass of Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey and my journey began.

Firstly you may notice a big typo occurring throughout this article and this was done on purpose because as some of you may know whisky traditionally is the name of the Scottish variety and used by the Scots. Whiskey with an e is an Irish and American term for describing the same beverage but to differentiate themselves from the Scots they decided to rename it whiskey with an e. Am I boring you yet? Hopefully not because it has been the cause of much debate amongst people who don’t really understand exactly why the difference occurs and many still believe that spelling whisky without an e is a spelling error and begin to correct you (A double facepalm moment indeed).

Now with the little history lesson out of the way, let’s get down to business with this Jameson (Get your minds out of the gutter you disgusting people).

Alcohol Content: 40%

Bottling Status: Available

Age: 12yo

Country of Origin: Ireland

Barrelling: Blended Scotch Whiskey

Nose: On the nose the Jameson has strong wooden spicy notes with hints of floral and some sweetness, but I can’t quite tell if its more vanilla or honey.

Palate: The palate is surprisingly thick and sweet with a less intensive smoky flavour but with a bunch of sweetness again. I can definitely taste the vanilla on the palate and there is also a hint of nuts that surprisingly didn’t put me off from the initial floral and sweet notes.

The Finish: The finish isn’t too but stays in your mouth just long enough for you to enjoy all the subtle nuances of this particular expression.

Drinking Tips: This particular whiskey is actually quite a surprisingly good whiskey. I’ve been fortunate in that so far the blended whiskey’s that I have sampled and tasted have all been surprisingly good and haven’t left me with a bad taste in my mouth (Always a plus for anyone who hates having a bad taste in their mouth, and again get your minds out of the gutter!). Personally, I enjoyed this whiskey most as a Ginger & Lime on a hot summer’s day as a refreshing drink more than a drink to keep me warm in winter. Great for Sunday afternoon BBQs with family and friends.