Dalwhinnie 15yo Single Malt

Dalwhinnie 15yo Single MaltI picked up this bottle from Duty Free whilst on my honeymoon thinking it would be a great little drop for a special occasion. So with that in mind I waited for a nice winters night and popped open the cork in anticipation of what lay in that golden hue of liquid. Dalwhinnie is part of Diageo’s classic range and hails from the Highland village in Scotland called Dalwhinnie. Founded in 1898 it’s definitely got some history behind it and with that in mind I knew it was a whisky I had to try. I didn’t particularly feel the need to start with any age so I went with the 15yo as a good starting point.

Alcohol Content: 43%
Bottling Status: Available
Country of Origin: Scotland
Barreling: Single Malt Scotch Whisky using Ex Bourbon Casks

Nose: Initially on the nose is smells wonderful and full of citrus and honey following on with hints of wood, fruity fragrances and some smoke. It really smelt great and had a lot of sweet and natural nuances like pine that made me think of a warm bonfire in the woods.

Palate: Here is where this whisky really falls flat for me. The taste starts with strong spice, pinewood, citrus and some hints of smoke but it is very thin and uninteresting unfortunately for a 15yo. I was expecting my mouth to burst with the various flavours I experienced on the nose but it really fell flat and I have to admit my heart sank a little. I was expecting a lot more from a 15yo single malt but alas sometimes the expectation is too much.

Finish: Medium finish, but nothing to leave you wanting more sadly.

Drinking Tips: I drank this neat BUT because it fell flat for me I felt it needed to be drunk after dinner with a sweet dessert. I enjoyed it with a few pieces of baklava and it was a lot more enjoyable for me personally but your experience may differ.

On a side note, I have read and heard many differing opinions on the Dalwhinnie 15yo and for everyone they will experience something different so even though it didn’t live up to my expectations, you may find yourself enjoying it tremendously. You’ll never know unless you try!