Electronic Cigarettes VS Nicotine Patches: Who is the winner?

nicotine patches vs ecigEven though electronic cigarettes have no tobacco whatsoever, the American government continues to push for anti-vaping in public spaces. There is almost an adamant hostility toward vaping it seems, even though there has been proof that it is beneficial in helping one to quit smoking. And a lot of vape companies and shops, including Powercigs in Berlin, can not understand, why government is so strict regarding to vaping.

Many people are still standing their ground that the nicotine patch is better and safer. And of course, there are studies that would support that claim. But which method is really the best and the safest alternative?

Claims By Opponents

Opponents of electronic cigarettes claim that there is not any evidence that vaping is an effective alternative to quit smoking. They claim that vaping is not a way to escape tobacco use dangers and by approving public vaping is only making tobacco use okay.

Those in favor of electronic cigarettes say those claims are absurd and that there are studies that confirm millions of smokers were successful in abandoning tobacco by vaping.  It is important to note that the studies by government-backed scientists rely on smokers to self-report their smoking habits when they are trying to quit. But, in all fairness, most of all studies follow the same process.

Vaping opponents claim that smoking e-cigs can only create a vaping addict.  Government backed studies also make you addicted to vaping. The studies of vaping haven’t gone on long enough for those claims to be validated. In fact, it could be taken that the government suggests that as a public isn’t smart enough or sophisticated enough to realize there is a difference between tobacco filled products and products that aren’t.

From The Scientists

Putting claims vaping opponents to the side, reviewing the take from scientists is vital in this battle of electronic cigarettes and vaping. There is no argument between the parties that vaping studies are still young. And the studies comparing vaping to traditional smoking and the substitutions of nicotine delivery are still limited.

A UK research team examined approximately 6,000 smokers in 2014 regarding their cessation efforts and it was discovered that electronic cigarettes use was more effective than nicotine gum or patches. That study was focused on surveys that consisted of former smokers that had stopped their tobacco use from 2009 up to 2014. There were adjustments made regarding various demographics of the group and with those adjustments, the study showed that those who used electronic cigarettes had a success rate of more than 60% than those who used the gum, patches, or the cold turkey method.

In The End

The evidence of that study provided sufficient evidence that electronic cigarettes are indeed, an effective option for the smoking cessation smokers need to quit smoking. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes appeared to be an option that was significantly effective as a nicotine replacement over traditional methods used to quit smoking.

Wouldn’t it be great if the government and medical sector would work together to promote using electronic cigarettes just as they have with nicotine gum and nicotine patches? For the person that has the desire to quit smoking, do your own homework and research. For every person is different and so different cessation tools can have different results.